Looking for a fun way to learn to play the piano?

SM_LogoConsider the Simply Music Piano method!  This is a remarkable, Australian-developed piano program that offers a breakthrough in music education.  This unique method has children, teens, adults, and seniors playing great sounding blues, classical, contemporary and accompaniment pieces immediately, from their very first lessons.

Private and group lessons are being offered by Linda Bernardi, a Licensed Simply Music Piano Teacher, in Dublin, California.

Please contact Linda today to ask any questions you may have about the program, schedule an information session, or begin taking lessons right away… LindaBernardi@ymail.com.

Interested in learning more about the Simply Music Piano method?  Read more here… Simply Music Piano.

Do you work with homeschoolers?


I’m an approved vendor, offering piano lessons, for both Visions in Education and Connecting Waters Charter Schools, and I’m open to working with other schools upon request. 

I have morning and early afternoon slots available just for homeschooling families. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! 

-Linda Bernardi, Licensed Simply Music Piano Teacher, lindabernardi@ymail.com

Now Available! Play-a-Story Piano Lessons

I’m excited to announce that I’m now offering piano lessons specifically designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners!  Play-a-Story is a wonderful way to introduce children ages four to six to the piano.  Using story-telling and improvisational techniques, children begin playing the piano during their very first lessons, learning foundational skills through hands-on, playful activities and games.

“Play-a-Story is a musical journey in which teachers and students travel through a storybook world. It uses the piano as its mode of travel, creating sounds, melodies, harmonies and rhythms to express the story… literally, students create their own musical soundtrack.” – playastory.com

Interested?  Check out these parent testimonials!  These parents beautifully describe the Play-a-Story program and how it has helped their children develop their musicality.

If you’d like to enroll your child in a Play-a-Story class, please send me an e-mail or give me a call.  I’d be happy to put you on a waiting list and contact you as soon as I add Play-a-Story classes to our calendar.

I’m looking for an electronic keyboard for practicing piano at home. What should I buy?

Here are the recommendations from the Simply Music “Being a Simply Music Piano Student” brochure…

“You will need to have access to an instrument.  When choosing a piano or keyboard, budget is often an important factor.  Almost all acoustic pianos have 88 keys, and have all of the preferred benefits and features.  A local piano technician or piano tuner can provide valuable advice when you’re considering purchasing a second-hand instrument.

When choosing an electronic keyboard, there are certain features to look for.  The more features, the higher the cost.  Use the following guidelines (in order of importance):

  • minimum of 61 regular-sized keys
  • if affordable, an 88-key digital piano or keyboard would be ideal
  • a sustain pedal (not a sustain button)
  • touch sensitive keys
  • weighted keys

Obviously there are numerous other features, many of which come as standard on many modern instruments.  These, while potentially interesting and/or beneficial, are not a necessary part of a successful Simply Music experience.”

If anyone has experience with a specific electronic keyboard (make and model) that meets these guidelines, and you love it, please comment below!

Simply Music Piano Lessons – Now Enrolling in Dublin!

For those of you who have been eagerly waiting, the Music, Math and More studio is finally ready to begin enrolling for Simply Music Piano Lessons!  Classes for beginning piano students will launch the first week of November.  Classes consist of two students, so if you know a friend who you’d like to take lessons with, that would be ideal.

If you’d like a bit more information about Simply Music Piano Lessons, I recommend you check out this page from the Simply Music website… Simply Music Piano Lessons.

Afternoon slots are filling up fast, but there are still morning and early afternoon times available… perfect for homeschool students and adults!

If interested, please contact me (Linda), at LindaBernardi@ymail.com or (925) 785-3435.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.